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Newton Cleaner Stationary


Newton Cleaner Portable


MCi Kicker- Current with rear damper (as shown)


MCi Kicker- Old units with front damper


MCi Auto Kicker-Current


MCi Auto Kicker- Prior to 3-01-2010 with Eason Controller


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Most of our customers are more than happy to discuss their personal experience with the MCi Kicker and we encourage you to visit with current customers.  Please contact us for a list of customers in your area to contact for their feedback and how the MCi Kicker can help you.

Hinztche Feed & Grain scale room with a MCi Kicker dockage tester.

The MCi Kicker has also been featured in articles by The Grain Journal in facilities such as Hinztche Feed & Grain showing their success with the MCi Kicker.



Separate your dockage quickly & easily with the MCi Kicker.As you can see to the right, the MCi Kicker provides clear separation of grain in pans that all but eliminating the need for hand picking, thus, speeding up the grading process at your scale.  This benefit also allows you to check every truck during harvest, no matter how busy you get.


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