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Newton Cleaner Stationary


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MCi Kicker- Current with rear damper (as shown)


MCi Kicker- Old units with front damper


MCi Auto Kicker-Current


MCi Auto Kicker- Prior to 3-01-2010 with Eason Controller


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Cleaner/Sizer Monitoring

In a cleaner it is very easy to lose product through a broken screen or an aspirator lifting out too much good grain. Cleaners and their adjustments should be checked often but are normally not, due to their inconvenient locations and labor expense.

The MCi Auto Kicker is a very cost-effective way to keep grain loss at a minimum through automated and constant cleaner or sizer monitoring. You set parameters in the MCi Auto Kicker to what the acceptable levels are. When those levels are exceeded, you are alerted immediately. New technology may be able to take grain cleaning to another level by allowing the MCi Auto Kicker to automatically adjust your cleaner to maintain those predefined parameters.

24 hours a day, every day, the MCi Auto Kicker is the most cost effective way to eliminate costly grain loss and insure quality cleaning or sizing.




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