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Newton Cleaner Stationary


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MCi Kicker- Current with rear damper (as shown)


MCi Kicker- Old units with front damper


MCi Auto Kicker-Current


MCi Auto Kicker- Prior to 3-01-2010 with Eason Controller


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MCi Auto Kicker set up for inbound system.
The MCi AUTO KICKER  was designed to greatly reduce the manpower and considerable expense of grading grain in a traditional manner. With the reduction of manpower and the higher efficiency of the MCi AUTO KICKER you will dramatically reduce your expenses. Because of this, an MCi AUTO KICKER is very simple to cost justify. The MCi AUTO KICKER is designed for automatic or semi automatic operation for grading of inbound grain sources such as trucks or rail cars. It is also designed for monitoring blend or grade while loading ships and barges, or  monitoring blend in milling operations. It is also used for the monitoring of grain cleaner outputs to make sure the cleaners are working at peak efficiency. The MCi AUTO KICKER will collect a sample of grain and analyze the sample for test weight, moisture, dockage, protein, oil, starch, fiber, shrunken and broken, foreign material, temperature and clean grain. This information can then be sent to your electronic scale ticket, grain inventory/accounting system or stored in the computer for your future use. By eliminating manual entry of grade results, you avoid costly entry mistakes as well as the time consumed to enter the ticket information. Once the sample has been analyzed, the MCi AUTO KICKER waits for another sample, either from an automatic sampler or from your truck probe. The process time for each sample can vary, but is normally about 45 to 150 seconds depending upon configuration and grain type.

The computer software provides for a number of different features. One of these features allows you to set certain criteria (such as test weight for example) that the grain must meet during truck grading, grain blending, vehicle loading/unloading or on the output side of a cleaner. If the grain does not meet the set criteria you can be alerted by a bell, horn, lights or even stop a piece of equipment automatically. This allows you to stop loading or unloading a vessel with the out of criteria product.  It also allows you to know what you have unloaded from a truck and where to bin it. The obvious benefit of this is that you will no longer have to accept grain or unload a vessel that has been filled with grain that does not meet your specifications. Remember that a sample can being taken every 45 to 150 seconds, so you know what you have NOW instead of later.

In designing the MCi AUTO KICKER computer program, we kept in mind that every customer can have a unique style in handling their grain. That's why we designed the MCi AUTO KICKER program in a very user friendly and easy to operate format. With this program, sample criteria and identifiers, such as contract or lot numbers, are easily changed or selected. You can even have grain sample information and alarms sent to remote locations.  It's up to you, and yes, it's that simple!

We have only presented here, some of the many applications and capabilities of the MCi AUTO KICKER. We hope that you contact us for more details, or if you would like to visit with one of our engineering consultants, they can discuss in more detail how the MCi AUTO KICKER will work at your facility. Just give us a call or fill out and submit the information form.  We'll be glad to help!!

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