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Newton Cleaner Stationary


Newton Cleaner Portable


MCi Kicker- Current with rear damper (as shown)


MCi Kicker- Old units with front damper


MCi Auto Kicker-Current


MCi Auto Kicker- Prior to 3-01-2010 with Eason Controller


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Welcome to the online home site of Mid-Continent Industries, Inc. We hope you find this site helpful and informative to your needs of improving grain quality and saving money for your company and producers. Please fill out the Contact Us form if you have any questions or ideas. As always, phone calls are welcome!

Visit all pages for more information on our grain grading equipment - the MCi Kicker dockage tester, Newton Grain Cleaner, and MCi Auto Kicker.  You can also read articles as they become available by clicking this link...Grain Journal Article ,  and be sure to check out other interesting things on their site while you are there!! 

Midcontinent Industries - MCi Kicker dockage tester/sieving equipment

The MCi Kicker dockage tester provides fast, accurate, and fair sample results to speed up your dockage testing or to help you start a dockage program for your facility.  Remove more dockage than standard sieving equipment and up to 1/2 % more dockage than with hand sieves alone with the MCi Kicker dockage tester.




Midcontinent Industries - MCi Auto Kicker automated dockage systemThe MCi Auto Kicker will automate your inbound or outbound system sampling system.  Free up employees  for other work by automating most of your sampling methods, including dockage, broken, shrunken, protein, oil content, starch content, fiber content, moisture, test weight, and temperature. The Auto Kicker grain grading program will save yourself time and money.  Collect samples every 45 to 150 seconds.  Check every load coming in or monitor your outbound system with faster, more accurate information.





    Shipping costs and discounts because of dirty grain affecting your bottom line?  The Newton Grain Cleaner will quickly and efficiently clean most grains, and can also separate many mixed grains. It is available in several capacities and in stationary or portable models.  Stop paying to ship " trash" in your grain. Clean it out with a Newton Grain Cleaner! 






Midcontinent Industries - Tornado Aspirator Grain Cleaner The Tornado Aspirator has been discontinued.






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